Thursday, August 31, 2006

A little Blogtippin' for September

It's time for September's Blogtipping. Yeeeeeeha!! Here are some great blogs to be aware of:

  • Check out Sante's Search Engine Marketing blog - great tips to help drive traffic to your blog and you can work on your Spanish at the same time
  • Do you what Demand Generation is? If you're in B2B marketing, you should. If you're inteterested in some great insights from the B2b e-marketing area and learning more about demand generation, check out Steve Gershik's The Innovative Marketer. Steve has some good stories and podcasts.
  • My random blog is The Diva Marketing Blog which is a cute blog that focuses on business blogs. I like the style of this blog in terms of design but my tired eyes found it hard to see after a while. Toby does an excellent job about telling the stories of business bloggers.
Anyway, I hope that you enjoy these!

Chad H.


anonymous said...

Very nice :).

Jeff M. said...

I saw on a google groups thread that you were having trouble with the stack overflow at line 2 when you loaded your blog in IE. I'm having the same problem. The problem seems to have been resolved for your blog. how did you resolve it?

Chad said...

I never really did. I gave up on Blogger's support staff and upgraded to Blogger Beta 2.0. That was an even bigger pain in the ass but it resolved the issue.

Jeff M. said...




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