Saturday, August 26, 2006

Email marketing tip - break out your lists

Good tip over on ClickZ in an article called "When an E-Mail Marketing Campaign Goes Bad". Try breaking out your email list based on the source of your list. In this way, you can determine where you should focus your marketing dollars on as your email opens and click-throughs will tell you what was successful and what wasn't.

Here are some examples:
  • If you're doing a new product launch email, you may want to at least break out your prospects vs. your existing customers.
  • If you're sending out a email newsletter, break out a list between those who have subscribed to your newsletter vs. those that are part of a list that you may have purchased. You can even dig down deeper to break out the list between those that have signed up say in the last 2 months vs. the rest of the newsletter subscription group. Get creative!
Keep experimenting and see what works. Remember, you can also slightly alter the content of your newsletter for your different segments that you're targeting - that's a whole blog post on its own.

Bloggers sending out their own email newsletters are becoming extremely popular. Problogger and Blog Traffic Kingare just two examples of very successful email blog newsletters (we need a better name for these - how about "blogletters" or "b-newsletter" ?). As your blog newsletter increases in popularity, don't forget to measure the key metrics that made you so popular. In addition, if you're looking at targeting some new key prospects, try experimenting with your lists as suggested above.


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