Monday, September 06, 2010

Top 10 LinkedIn Tips for Lead Generation

I had the pleasure of guest blogging on the “It’s all About Revenue Blog”. Here is a snippet from that post:

If you haven’t logged into LinkedIn these days, it’s time to get back in there and see some of the cool stuff that is now available. This post will provide tips for sales professionals and marketers to get the most out of LinkedIn so you can stay on top of your customers and prospects and make it easier to be found. That said, anyone who uses LinkedIn should find these tips invaluable.

LinkedIn Most Effective Social Prospecting ToolI don’t need to remind you of the growing popularity of LinkedIn and the reputation it has in helping companies increase their pipeline, but I will anyway as there is some great data out there. A recent survey from OneSource that eMarketer published demonstrated that LinkedIn has become “the most effective social network for prospecting by a wide margin”. In addition, almost 50% of the respondents said they were using LinkedIn more for research and prospecting that a year before. Here is a good visual of what this looks like when compared to Twitter and Facebook:

It’s Time to Get LinkedIn to LinkedIn – Here’s How: See the full post here

Hope you enjoyed it!

Chad H.




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