Thursday, June 15, 2006

How to improve your search rankings - the easy way

a crazy man One of my goals is to get further versed in the life of SEO - search engine optimization. Here are some good tips from a recent article written on Search Engine Watch

  • Leave content outside of your private subscription area. Therefore don't put everything behind a subscription page.
  • Use headlines with words that people search for. To find out which words resonate with people, check out this article called "What People Search for"
  • Use Alt tags for your images. This allows you to add text that is visible when you hover over an image (try this with the crazy guy there on the right. No, that isn't me). By adding alt tags, you're making your website or blog more search friendly as your images are now searchable.
These small tips can generate increased traffic on your site. Now all you need to do is to create creative content that will keep them there!

Good luck!

Chad H.

PS - You may have noticed the lack of blog posts. I've been a little busy getting married and now I'm off to the Greek Isles for a few weeks. Looking forward to getting back on track in July.



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