Saturday, May 17, 2008

Improve Email Conversions. Save Time. Watch American Idol

I just read a simple but effective white paper from Bronto on sending a repeat emails to those that don't respond to your first email. This concept is an obvious one but the article does provide some good strategies on how to improve email response.

What it doesn't discuss is how to make the process of sending a second email to those that don't open or click on the first email you sent an easy one. Instead of just blasting the entire list again including those that didn't respond, marketers should be segmenting their lists and only sending the email to those that either didn't respond (open or click-through) and/or those that didn't convert (fill out a form). Again, that's obvious but this can take time to do. How can you cut down the time it takes to send out the second email?

Making Re-Mailing Easy: Improve Conversions, Get Home to See Your Family

The tricky part is making the process of sending that second email an easy one. You don't have time to do extra work and you shouldn't have to. You want to get your job done and go home and watch the final of American Idol or the Office - so do I. Through an automated process using advanced automation tools, you can easily create a program that checks to see if a contact on your initial list has converted and/or responded to the email. If they haven't, have the program send the second email automatically by a preset date. Once you have your marketing assets ready, load your list into the top of your automated program, sit back, and measure the results. Ok, we all know you're not going to sit back but you get the point.

Thanks Bronto for reminding me that everyone uses this process but not everyone has optimized how to carry this process out to do it as quickly as possible. I'm going to create an automated program template that will make this easy for my customers.

Chad H.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Preventing incorrect email addresses

Do you have a lot of bounce backs in your database? Keeping your data clean is a top priority for the marketers I speak with. I was just reading a good article on Marketing Sherpa that outlines "4 Ways to Fix Misspelled Email Addresses". I really liked one of the ideas which involves displaying the email address to the web visitor as part of a second step in the registration process. A simple modification to this is to serve up a confirmation page after the registration that includes the email address that the person just entered in large letters. The content would be something like this:

Here is the email address you entered:
Is that correct? If it isn't, please update your profile (link to a profile page)

This is fairly easy to implement as a solution depending on your system and is something I'm going to recommend for clients to at least test out on a few landing pages. If visitors click on that update your profile link and update their email address, you'll know you're on to something. You can also sleep better at night knowing that the you're getting more out of your marketing campaigns as the data that enters in your system is correct.

Chad H.



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