Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Business Blogs - Should they be part of your main domain or separate?

As I'm about to embark on creating a more professional blog, I'm facing a big question - do I add the blog as a subdomain to my website or do I create a new domain all together for my blog.

I guess it all depends on the goals of your blog. The team over at HitTail believes that your blog should be part of your main domain (eg: www.mysite.com/blog) as your blog will drive traffic and increase the weight you pull in the search engines. This works if you plan to fully integrate your blog with your website and are mainly concerned with driving any type of traffic to your website.

However, do you want your blog to be directly associated with your corporate website? Many companies use blogs to blog about their industry rather then their company. For example, there is Eloqua's sponsored blog, The Innovative Marketer. This blog focuses on demand generation rather then on the companty itself. In this way, the blog is indirectly driving traffic to the corporate website using a different domain. Yes, it may be harder at first to get the web traffic but remember it all comes back to your goals. If your objective is to get quality web traffic and not just Joe Schmo off of Google, this may be the better way to go.

What are your thoughts? What are you currently doing and what do you recommend?

Chad H.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely as part of your main domain. I used to think otherwise, but there isn't any benefit to it. And there's nothing wrong with a general blog about the industry being published in a subdirectory. It might even help build cred.

Chad said...

Good points - thanks for your comment Raj



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