Monday, September 04, 2006

Anything about marketing - top 10 marketing blogs

Every once in a while it's great to stop and look around the blogosphere at what some of the great bloggers are writing about when it comes to marketing. Since it is labour day, I thought I would raise a glass to those top marketing bloggers as defined by technorati. Here they are:

1. Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger

Photo of scobleizer
Microsoft Geek Blogger, writes about the technology industry.

2. Seth's Blog

Photo of sethgodin

3. Signum sine tinnitu--by Guy Kawasaki

Photo of gkawasaki
Entrepreneurship, marketing, venture capital, & evangelism

4. Micro Persuasion

Photo of steverubel
Steve Rubel explores how social media is transforming marketing, media and public relations.

5. Search Engine Watch Blog

6. Shoemoney - Skills to pay the bills : Shoemoney Marketing Thoughts

Photo of shoemoney Hi- I am Jeremy Schoemaker AKA ShoeMoney. This is my personal Blog about my adventures trying to make a living online

7. Creating Passionate Users

Photo of KathySierra
Helping users kick ass

8. gapingvoid: cartoons drawn on the back of business cards

Photo of gapingvoid hugh macleod writes about marketing, advertising and the wine business

9. This is....

10. Adrants » Marketing and Advertising News With Attitude by Steve Hall

Photo of shall62
Advertising and Marketing News With Attitude

If you hadn't heard of these before, that would probably be a big surpise. However, if you haven't, check them out and enjoy. You'll notice that the links go to Technorati as it's good to see why these are rated as they are (i.e. check out the number of inbound links).

Have a great labour day!

Chad H.

PS - Remmeber to use Technorati to search for blogs and/or items of interest. You can even setup RSS feeds to make this easier.

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