Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So You Think You can be a Blog Consultant?

It seems easy, right? You know the ins and outs of blogging and you think that you can help businesses setup their own blogs - think again.

You may have the skills but if you can't convey your vision to your client and make them "see the light" of blogging and how it helps their business you will never sell anything and the only person who will want your help is your mother who needs help setting up the VCR (don't even bother explaining to them what a DVD is).

If you're looking for a good resource on how to align your expertise with your potential clients, sign up for the weekly newsletter on Rain Today. They have some great articles such as "How To Communicate The Value Of Your Services". In this article, John Doer explains the RAIN method of selling in which you develop a Rapport with a potential client, find out what their Aspirations and Afflictions are, what Impact your solution will have on their aspirations and afflictions, and finally making them understand the "New Reality" that their business will experience.

To get to the "New Reality" John suggests asking questions like "What do you want to have happen as a result of our work together?". These are great questions to consider that will help you generate new customers that will understand the importance of the service that you are providing and that service is the new medium of blogging - an easy concept for bloggers to get but much harder for the rest of the business world that is still stuck setting their VCRs.

Chad H.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me is this where I can find the tutorial on setting up a VCR?

Chad said...

Hi Jim - thx for your comment. I sense a high degree of sarcasm which is great I am the king of sarcasm. This post wasn't meant to be an authrotative piece - it was more of a rant. At the time I was reading post after post about how easy it is to setup a blog for a potential client. I think that we both know that it's easy to setup a blog but user adoption is always the key. This is the same across the software industry. Many business leaders do not want to embrase the new technologies that are available as they are not comfortable with them. It's the job of the blog consulatant to pull these people into the world of web 2.0.



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