Saturday, September 09, 2006

21 Tips to increase blog traffic from

There is a great article on tips to bump up and improve your blog traffic on called "21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic". A few interesting notes:

  • They suggest that the best blog domain is one that is in a subfolder off of your main domain like
  • Tips on writing titles: Write for audience and for search engines. They suggest that you should "write the post and the title first, then run a few searches at Overture, WordTracker & KeywordDiscovery to see if there is a phrasing or ordering that can better help you to target "searched for" terms." Great tip!!
  • They mention that's blog search is good to use to search for blogs of interest
  • Don't add comments until you build up enough traffic
  • Watch what you submit to Digg and Reddit. Only submit 1 in 20 - interesting
Other than that, most of the tips were pretty basic but worth reading. When it comes down to it, we all know that driving traffic is pretty difficult. At Anything Goes, I try and do some different things to drive blog traffic. My latest "success" was to comment on a very popular blog post that was forwarded on to me. I just capitalized on a successful post over at Laz-a-fare by pointing people to my related post.

Again, great job Rand and thanks for your tips.

Chad H


Anonymous said...


could you tell me how to add the digg\ buttons at the button of each post.

Chad said...

Hi Yee - checkout this link



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