Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why Mel Gibson needs a blog

Lets face it, Mel Gibson is a big douche bag but like any Hollywood actor, he can lie through his teeth and build up his image once again. How can he and others do this? One way is through blogging. Just as businesses can use blogs to portray a human voice to their corporate facade, celebrities can also use blogs to have their say - especially when they screw up which is typical for them. Mel has a tremendous amount of money at stake as he really put his foot in his mouth with his latest antisemitic comments and it could cost him his position as an "A list" star as well as friends, fans and his supporters (he lost me a while back). Here are some practical blogging tips for you Mel about how you could use a blog to help "right the ship" on your quickly drowning career:
  • Issue a real apology using a blog post that you may have actually wrote (even though he probably wouldn't write it). Your statement does nothing for me. It's typical Hollywood bullshit. You sound like a 5 year old that is writing a 500 word essay to the principal to get out of detention. Write it from the heart - you owe it to your fans. This drivel you call an appology confirms that your a lying SOB antisemite.
  • Provide examples. Use a blog to demonstrates what you're doing to fix the mess you made. If you claim that you "acted like a person completely out of control" and "said things that I do not believe to be true" then show us that you're not full of it. Write posts about how this incident affected you or how you contributed money to a Jewish cause or any cause that helped ethnicities that you insulted. Look at other people like Russell Crowe who made a donation to a synagogue in Montreal after it was firebombed in a racially motivated act of hatred. That's a perfect way to use your blog. Imagine if you blogged about this Mel or a day to day account of how you are dealing with your alcoholism? You may even develop some sympathetic readers.
  • Let others have their say. A blog would give you the chance for people to leave comments of support or other comments... Celebrities have already been providing you with support but a blog would centralize all of this for you. If you're actually trying to clean up your act, a blog would allow your fans to express themselves. Of course, if you keep up your racial hatred, your blog may have some other types of comments.
  • Tell us about yourself. We all know that you are an antisemite and have done some piss movies but if you had a blog, we would know even more about you and your wonderful father. Seriously... I'm sure there's something that we may really want to know about you and your Australian childhood. Perhaps it's you collection of Nazi war memorabilia, your fantastic shot glass collection or a story of the affair that you had on the set of Mad Max. Whatever it is, it should help your reputation or at least make people forget about your drunken trades. Right now, you don't even have an official website. You the internet to your advantage and get yourself a blog.
  • Monitor the blogosphere. Use Technorati, Icerocket and BlogPulse to see what others (like myself) are saying about you and leave comments on their blog to show the world out there who you really are. Lead people back to your blog and turn them into faithful readers and fans.
Mel, you really are an ass but you have a chance to rebuild yourself and reestablish the great actor that you may never have been. With blogging, you may have that chance. Let me know how it goes.

Chad H.

PS - Blogs are really not much different for celebrities then for businesses. It's a crucial marketing channel that must be exploited along with the other marketing outlets such as TV, email, print, online etc.. I'll be writing about how other celebrities can use blogs to help them with their careers.

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