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Tips on commenting using coComment - Part 1

If you're a smart blogger (which I'm not saying I am), you've probably found out about a great tool called coComment that lets you keep track of comments you've left on other blogs. This post is not about how to use this or the benefits of coComment - you already should know this. This post is about being a better coCommenter!

Commenting on a popular blog like or Direct2Dell may be very helpful in establishing yourself as as a legitimate blogger. However, popular blog authors, contributors and administrators are extremely busy these days and receive hundreds of comments weekly. They don't have time to review all the comments they receive and if they can't see your comment or if it looks like it may not be adding value, it may be ignored. Hey, it happens these days and it will happen more and more as the number of bloggers out there is growing by the second. How can you make sure your comment is seen in coComment?

  • Don't add any line breaks in you comments right away. An example of a good comment: "Chad - I agree with your point but I think that you...."
    An example of a bad comment:
    I agree with your point but hemorrhoids should not be used for paperweights

    As you can see from the image below from coComment a blog author may skip over a comment that has something like "Dave" and then a line break. Make sure that blog authors can easily see your comment


  • That first line of your comment should be meaningful. Don't waste time - get right into what you want to say. If it isn't right to the point then the blog author may skip right over it and so will everyone else reading your comments using coComment.

    From the image below, the comment by Ed "I think that once a day is a good equalibrium. At a stretch, one should look to write something" is much more effective then the other comments listed.

  • Use cliffhangers. Try writing a comment that will want them to read on. For example: I agree with what you're saying about hemorrhoids but you missed an important point....
    You forgot to mention how much it will cost to have them removed!
    In coComment, the blog author and all the other blog commenters would only see the first line which would probably entice them to click on your comment to read more.
Keep these tips in mind for your next comments you leave as the blogging pros out there use coComment and don't have time to deal with comments that don't seem relevant. The better the comment the more your blog will get noticed.

If you are a user of coComment, do you think these tips are accurate? Any additional tips?

Chad H.

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