Sunday, August 20, 2006

Maximize the e-mail unsubscribe

When your email subscribers fo the unthinkable (hey - you worked hard on that campaign) and hit the unsubscribe link do you let them off easy or is it a tearful goodbye?

A great article by Stefan Pollard at ClickZ recommends that when users do chose to opt-out of your emails there are some ideas in which you can save your opt-in or at least better understand why they are opting out:
  • On the opt-out page, have the option for the user fill out a simple form in which they can explain why they opted out. Perhaps you were sending too many emails or they weer no longer relevant to this person.
  • Have an email preference page in which the person can opt-out of say your webinar invites but still get your newsletter.
  • Have additional contact information - link to customer support, a 1-800 number
These simple and easy concepts can help you get the most out of the investment that you made to acheive the opt-in in the first place.

Chad H.

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