Monday, August 07, 2006

Improving search rankings for blogs - Tip #1

As I find interesting ways to improve search engine optimization for your blogs, I will pass these tips on. I've written a few posts on how to easily improve your search rankings and SEO. I'll keep these short and sweet:

Tip#1: Improve search rankings by moving your blog name to the end of your post's Title Tag.

Mark White over at Better Business Blogging explains:
Because you only have a certain number of words which Search Engines register in the Title Tag (generally accepted as between 8 and 10 words) and because more weight is given to those appearing earlier in the phrase, it is beneficial to change this default format. If possible, have the Title of the Post first followed by the name of the Blog, thus giving the keywords in your Title additional weight.

Therefore, my title tags will change between "Anything Goes Marketing - Improving search rankings for blogs - Tip #1" to "Improving search rankings for blogs - Tip #1 - Anything Goes Marketing". We'll see what this little change will do for my blog by checking my web referrals. I'll let you know.

I also found the code to do this for Blogger on Tech.Life.Blogged. Thanks again!

Is it really worth it to make this change? Has anyone seen any effect?

Chad H.

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Anonymous said...

I think even if this does not give you better rankings, it makes it clearer to your users what page they are on.

-- Allen
OrganicStats Blog



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