Saturday, September 09, 2006

Email or e-mail: Who cares? I do!

This is a quick post to indicate how stupid that it is that we can't standardize what we call email. I see email and e-mail and my one wish for today is that we standardize this finally.

I just thought of this as I'm learning more and more about email (notice how I removed the stupid dash) deliverability as this is becoming a very hot topic in the email marketing world. Here is an article that I've come across on email deliverability from B2B Online called : How can I optimize deliverability as anti-spam solutions become the norm? There are some good tips about ensuring that you're IP address is recognized etc...

Another article I found on IMedia on permission based email and what is considered a violation of CAN-SPAM called "How to Spam-Proof Your Marketing Message" is worth a read. It lets you know when you can send someone an email without violating US laws. I liked how it gave you a scenario such as: you obtained an email from a third party list - can you email that person? What's most interesting is how unclear this law really is. The lines are really blurry and I would really like to see a company get prosecuted for sending emails to a list obtained from a third party.

Chad H.

PS - Here's a thought for the day. Someone leaves a comment on your blog, can you send them an email? I have received emails before and based on the article above, this is a violation of CAN-SPAM as I never gave permission to get emailed. This is something that bloggers should consider. Perhaps placing some sort of message before leaving a comment is required? Any thoughts?

PPS - What do you think e-mail or email or do you not care?


Anonymous said...

Chad: FYI, the link to:
appears to be broken.

Chad said...

Thanks Tom! I fixed it.




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