Friday, April 21, 2006

Blogging Simplified

From a great blog that I read Business Blogwire, I found this new blog that I just added to my blog roll called Simplenomics: Blogging Simplified
I like the author's attitude and he wrote this great post on how to make money blogging.

Chad H.


anonymous said...

Thanks for the hat tip, Chad. I've got plenty more great links where that came from - just drop me a line whenever you're looking for more.

By the way, I just read your description here and it says you've got an MA in history. I'm actually a master's student in history right now! I'm about to finish the first year - one year left.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning me. I hope to keep you attention and appreciate the link.

Chad said...

Thanks Easton again for the tip and the great links.

No problem Mike.

Look forward to reading your blogs!

Chad said...

Good luck with your Masters Easton. I had to do comprehensive exams at the end which consisted of 3 written exams and an oral one. I focused on Canadian and American foreign policy in th 20th Century. What about you?



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