Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Google in Space!

An intersting article in DM News states:

"According to Pew Research, more than 50 percent of consumers trust e-mail less and nearly 25 percent use it less. E-mail’s reliability has taken a big hit, too, as 20 percent to 30 percent of legitimate, opt-in e-mail gets caught in the filters intended to prevent abuse. These are not healthy indicators for a medium that we increasingly depend on for communication and commerce. "

While this author is biased of course, this is something that should be noted. The author stresses the importance of "email authentication" but we all know that spammers keep transformming themselves and more and more people are using email which means spamming is becoming mainstream. What I mean is that we receive so many emails each day that while it doesn't seem to be spamming because a company may only send you the odd email that you in fact opted in to, all of these emails add up. The message that you want to convey is being hidden amongst the 2132 other emails in your inbox. The end result is the knee-jerk "delete" reaction when you see email that doesn't contain a familiar "from" address or subject line. Alternative actions are needed. This may be by mixing up direct mail, email, blogging, RSS feeds, web campaigns, search, podcasts or perhaps another new marketing channel that has yet to be uncovered.

I like the idea of mobile marketing - especially to blackberry users. Blackberry (or Crackberry) users love email or they wouldn't have one of those addictive little toys (OK some of you really need them). With a Blackberry, you're on all the time and you can get email 24/7. The question is, how can you get the message through in a format that these people will enjoy? Perhaps designing email specifically for these on the go people that may make their commute easier, or their airport travel more enjoyable etc... These are ideas that need to be explored. Theer are som many add ons for these things like MP3 players, GPS capability etc... that new opportunities can be explored. Maybe I'm drilling down a bit too far here though... I'll leave this for another day.

Chad H.

PS - I still like my idea of a Google space shuttle. Imagine the type of advertising that you could do on the side of a space shuttle! You could even call the astronauts Googlenauts! Just think about Googlenauts eating McDonald cheeseburgers in space and playing Texas Hold-em poker on their Blackberries. Perfect!

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