Sunday, April 16, 2006

New Marketing Blog

Here's a new blog that you should be aware of by Marketing Profs. There are some good articles and they have some pretty good writers such as Seth Godin. BL Ochman also has an awesome article on how she keeps up with all of the information out there. She uses Bloglines for her RSS feeds.
I found outthat you could susbcribe to Dilbert which made me happy (doesn't take much). She also suggest setting up Google News Alerts which I already do. This is a simple trick that is REALLY helpful.

Do you have any good marketing blogs that you read on a daily basis?



anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Chad. Looks like MarketingProfs is a great blog.

I was going to put up a list of my favorite marketing blogs, but then I realized that the Technorati list is better than mine.

Anonymous said...

Hi: Thanks for pointing out my MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog post. I'm doing a series of posts on how top bloggers and journalists keep up with the information flow. You can see the posts at The category is "Top Bloggers' Essential Research Tools."

Chad said...

Thanks BL



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