Sunday, April 16, 2006

Screw Email!

I was playing around with some RSS feeds such as My Yahoo and Feed Reader but I really am loving BlogLines. It's helping me keep track of a bunch of feeds without sending me 2000 emails. I may even start unsubscribing from email newsletters and just use the RSS reader.

Who's with me? Have you started to do the same thing?

Chad H.



anonymous said...

Yep - I use NewsGator Online and it's a lifesaver. I also do get a few Googla Alerts each day.

anonymous said...

Did I say Googla? :) Meant Google.

Chad said...

Good site! Thanks!

Also - I like the word Googla better. I think Google would dsue you if you tried to use this (in fact they own the domain

anonymous said...

I wonder how many such variations Google owns! Glad you found NewsGator to be nice.

Chad said...

Please see my follow up post:



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