Thursday, April 06, 2006

Click Z, You SuckZ

Wow, I think people have run out of content to write on Click Z. Here is a terrible article on the 25 things that that this "expert" hates about Google. Danny, I agree that Google has many short comings but it's these types of short comings that have turned it into a 6 billion dollar company! Furthermore, you know that you just killed your company by insulting Google becuase your site ratings are dropping as we speak. You mind as well get out of search marketing all together. Try the witness relocation program. Wait no, we can still probably find you THANKS TO GOOGLE!!! :)

My point is that Google uses its bad press to keep it in the mainstream news. Of course since we find all of our info on Google News, it just makes it that much easier. :) Back to my point - How can you critisize Google for making everything free? Do you want to have to pay 5 cents for every search query? Don't give Google any ideas. Furthermore, how can you say in one article that Google's philosophy is broken and yet say in another article that Google's philosophy aspires to higher things????? You have to admit that your article was weak and that you were grasping for straws.


PS - Hope to meet you in TO at the search conference.


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