Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Made it to One Month! WOOHOO!!

Let's break out the beer! It's my one month anniversary. I think it's been a great month and I've enjoyed blogging on a consistent basis. My blog has evolved from a storage place to stash good articles that I find into a place that I can really voice my opinions on marketing.

I've even shifted my focus from general marketing to focus on e-marketing. I plan to keep working on improving my blog as well but I realized that Blogger has some restrictions that I'll have to work within for now. I also plan to get my ass out more on the blogosphere but this may be hard as I'm getting married in under 3 weeks (yikes!).

Favourite post so far: It's by far "How to lose traffic on your blog in 10 days".

Thanks all for your notes, comments, tips and well wishes.

Chad H.

PS - Sorry for my spelling. It sucks ass.


anonymous said...

You're awesome, Chad. Very funny pic. As a married guy, I highly recommend it! Congrats. One tip I'd give you is to try to write a bunch of posts beforehand and have them automatically get published while you're on your honeymoon, etc. You've got great opinions and I like your openness and honesty on this blog. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

you've been blogging about the same amount of time that I have, it rocks and I've learned so much, hope everything goes well for ya, talk to you later

Anonymous said...

That was actually my comment above, I accidentally chose anonymous.

Chad said...

Thanks for your note Chris - I've learned so much as well!



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