Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Importance of Good Subject Lines

Anne at Marketing Sherpa has pointed out yet again the importance of good email subject lines. In her most recent email, she explains the results of a study done on email subjects. In turns out that those not written in "marketingeze" (i.e. BS) did better. It alos helpoed to have the company name in them. Here's and example of good subject lines:

- Eye on Company Name Update
- Company Name Newsletter February 2006
- Invitation from Company Name
- Company Name May 2005 News Bulletin!

Here are examples of bad subject lines:

- Last Minute Gift - We Have the Answer
- Valentine's Day Salon & Spa Specials!
- Company Name Pioneers in XYZ Technology
- You asked for more...

I would add that the better you think about what your email responded would want to receive, the better your copy will be. If you think tey want to get something in the subject lien about how good your company is, think again.

Here's a good one... Anne recommends that marketers should consider "testing "boring" subject lines." These are subject lines that tell you that there is some important news that may be important to the user but not giving too much away that will result in a delete from the inbox.

Have fun testing that one out!

Chad H.

PS: Here's the full study

1 comment:

anonymous said...

Unfortunately, boring is the new interesting because interesting is so often unimportant or unethical (read: spam!). Good post, Chad.



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