Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To blog or not to blog, this is the question for execs

Businesses are still not getting it - people don't want to read your corporate BS. They want to get to know your company and not your marketing fluff and "salesy spin". Yet, a recent article on emarketer claims "Executives at top companies are slow to come to grips with recognizing [blogs'] importance in building a dialogue with customers and other stakeholders." Lets go people - get with it.

I see blogs every day driving increased web traffic to companies' main websites. Is that a bad thing? Yes, it requires someone to actually do the blogging and coordinate it but how much does it cost to make a sale at your company? - i.e. if it makes business sense to spend money to drive people to your website, then why not at least try it? You really don't have much to lose. Well, yes you do - you're losing business. Right now there are companies out there who can't find you becuase you have the same boring website like your competitors. There are other companies that know who you are but see this stuffy old coat full of of cocky SOBs that would make them rather stick pins in their eyes then deal with you. Ok, maybe I'm going a bit too far but you get the point (ha ha). Get blogging!

Chad H

PS - I just got married and I'm back with an attitude.

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