Sunday, May 28, 2006

For Sony Ericsson "Anything Goes" for their e-newsletters

In a recent article in MarketingSherpa, Sony Ericsson's Agnes Gawel reveals that for their global e-newsletter campaigns, they typically don't worry about ethnically appropriate images for each of their regions:
"It's based on local feedback. You might not think, for example, we'd use an African consumer image for Asian emails, but it's not the case. We've been using everything all over the place. In the end results, we don't really see a difference."
This is a small point but an important one. Keep testing and see what works. Sometimes, you don't need to go too crazy to ensure that evrything is perfect for yourt campaigns. In this case, the copy was much more important (in terns of translation) then the having the "right" images.

Chad H.

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