Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bad Customer Experience: Happy Ending 2

It turns out that banks do care about you (yes, banks!). If you may recall from my previous post on a bad customer experience, I had written about how I was dispensed a torn $20 bill from a Soctia Bank ATM machine. After I sent emails to both Shell and the Bank of Nova Scotia I recently heard back from Shell. I also just received an email from the Scotia Bank. Here is the letter:

Dear Mr. Horenfeldt,

We welcome the opportunity to address your concerns with respect to a torn
$20.00 bill dispensed by a Scotiabank ABM (automated banking machine) at a Shell

Upon receipt of your writing, we contacted our Electronic Banking Delivery
Channel department. They have investigated and verified that there was a
dispenser fault on April 24th, 2006. A technician was dispatched to ensure the
problem has been corrected.

If a torn bill is dispensed, you can present the torn bill to your bank or
Scotiabank with the receipt and reimbursement will be provided. The store
retailer is not responsible for exchanging the bill.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused. Please also be
assured that the store retailer will be notified by Scotiabank as per the
complaint you submitted.

We trust this addresses your concerns, Mr. Horenfeldt. Thank you for bringing
this issue to our attention.


Dani Tremblay
Electronic Banking Contact Centre

I would have preferred that they just mail the ^$#@ $20 to me as we all know that banks are only open between 11:00 and 11:01 AM Monday to Thursday (but are closed Tuesday and Wednesday) which makes getting to a branch almost impossible for most of us. If you do get there, you then have 1 teller for 20 people and then by the time it's your turn the bank closes. :) However, this will do and it's good to have this letter to show the bank when I go there to get my $20. I was impressed at the way that Scotia Bank investigated the problem and let me know about it. Like Shell, they have demonstrated that customers or potential customers (as I may be hunting for a good mortgage soon) is important. Thanks Scotia Bank!

Chad H.

PS - Lesson #2 from this experience. Blame everyone involved for your bad experience and get extra stuff!!
PPS - I hope I pissed the manager off at Shell.

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