Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Seth Godin: "You are not in charge"

Seth Godin weighs in on the world of marketers with his "5 Things Every Marketer Should Realize". It's sombre, no punches pulled approach.

Do you agree that as a marketer "You are not in charge." and that "You can't bury the truth"? I don't. If you're working at Microsoft or Google, I think that as a marketer, you are in charge as most of your marketing campaigns get eaten up by their target audience and people do care what they have to say. In addition, Microsoft does a great job at burying all the flaws that their software has and then spinning the rest. Hey Seth: The weather is nice out there - lighten up and enjoy the power that marketers now have with this thing we call the internet. I hear it's giving us a lot of control and making our jobs a hell of a lot easier.

Chad H.

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