Sunday, July 23, 2006

Spice up your emails - Link to your video demos

One of the best practices that I preach for email marketers is to reuse content that you have on your site already. Why re-invent the wheel each time? I mostly talk about whitepapers, PR articles and archived webinars. What about flash demos that you may have created? Most people believe that a flash demo is great if you get someone to your site but you really need something like a whitepaper or a webinar to get them interested. A recent MarketinsgSherpa webinar has demonstrated that when trying to book meetings, including a link to a video demo about your products payed off big time. Grip On Tools, a company that imports tools, created and used a flash video as a link within their emails to major tool distributors. The result was a number of meetings from companies that ignored them in the past.

If you have a brand, product or company that people have a hard time getting consider reusing a flash demo that marketing may already have created for your website or consider investing in a new one. Here are some simple ways to use or re-use your demos: Include the link to the demo in all employee signatures, on all confirmation pages, on your newsletter, on your company blog (if applicable), on all printed and online material (even business cards), and on all landing pages - everywhere! Therefore, don't just stick the video under a section called "demo" on your website. If your company has more then one demo (which most do), either tailor the demo link to apply to a specific email or person (perhaps using dynamic email content) or include a link to a main demo page (eg:

Have a great product? Make sure that others understand what makes it so great by publicizing your video demo. This will make sure that you are maximizing your marketing and development dollars.

Chad H.

PS - Thanks Sherpa for reminding me about video demos

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