Monday, July 17, 2006

Coke and Mentos - Anything Goes Marketing (AGM) Winner!

If I ever thought about creating an "Anything Goes Marketing" (AGM) award, the Coke and Mentos explosion videos that are all over the web would get it hands down. These types of videos are part of the reason why I created this blog (not just to bore you with unintersting SEO tips). This unofficial campaign is brilliant. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the videos on the ever popular You Tube. Basically, you have teenage boys placing Mentos into a 2L Coke bottle and then slamming the bottle on the ground which creates an awesome rocket effect. The other thing they're doing is creating a Coke volcano where they drop the Mentos into the Coke bottle and watch the gyser of Coke soar into the air.

As quoted in an Imedia article, Coke is taking this amazing masterpiece of marketing in stride:
We think people are enjoying this video because it's underground-- we have no marketing plans for it. We're just sitting and watching it with everyone else.
Susan McDermott, director, communications, Coca-Cola North America

I really doubt that Coke is just "sitting and watching" though. Why is it just Coke - why are there no videos of people using Pepsi (maybe there are and I never looked!). You can decide whether or not that statement is true but the reality is that Coke is attempting to portray itself as "fun" to its target market and what better way then to have these crazy videos of teenagers firing off Coke-branded rockets that anyone can make. It's perfect!

Kudos Coke (and Mentos)! You've inspired me to create and award you both as the first "AGM" award winners! If you leave a comment on my blog to claim your award, I'll even create a banner-ad that you can use to advertise this great acheivement, send you an official certificate, and we can also talk about creating a joint press release.

Chad H.

PS - The short form for AGM is "Aggie". Congrads again to Coke and Mentos for winning your Aggies.

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