Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Don't blog too close to home

Blogging is fun and informative but watch what you blog about, when you blog and who you blog about. It may come back to bite your bloggy ass. For personal blogs, this could mean not to blog about your family (or at least mention their names), friends, coworkers or the company you work for. This has resulted in countless examples of people being fired from their jobs, and family problems.

The same goes for business blogs. Write respectively about your competitors and fellow bloggers as they will see what you write. If you're mean and degrading to others, you will probably cause a firestorm. This includes including derogatory images, podcasts and interviews. For example, you may even offend customers by interviewing one of their competitors. Your best bet is to have a clearly laid out blog blue print and policy that you are your team can easily follow. It should clearly state what you can cannot blog about.

The power of blogs can work against you as easily as it can work for you. While you may get some short term gain by "stirring the shit", you will tarnish your name, your company and lose all respect in the eyes of your customers. Remember that you have the power of the mouse - use it wisely.

Chad H.

PS - That post was a bunch of BS (except for having a basic blog plan). Write about everything and anything that appeals to you and generate the most web traffic that you can. How else are you going to get noticed if you don't push the envelope? Be creative and keep having fun!
PPS - McDonalds food is shit. Don't you agree?
PPPS - What are your thoughts on blogger ethics?

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Tal Lewinger said...

Can't agree with you more Chady :-)
Remember the movie star who lived up the stairs from me? I did not blog about it because I would have not been fair to him ...

Great blog.


Tal Lewinger



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