Sunday, November 19, 2006

Email Still Kicks Conversion Ass

What was the best conversion marketing channel for a financial publisher? Was it Adwords? Organic Search? Nope - it was email! Check out this study on E-Mail Is Top Conversion Channel for Financial Publisher.

What is interesting is that if you combine organic and paid search, it still doesn't add up to the conversion rate of email according to the chart that is provided. It would be interesting to better understand the details of this study but what it does show is how important email still is. While you start experimenting with web 2.0. strategies like blogging, don't forget about using email to support your other marketing channels. Remember to maximize your email marketing. Check out Email Marketing 101: Tips and Best Practices for some tips.

Those of you who use email as part of their marketing efforts (most of you I assume), I hope this post gives you a little lift.

Chad H.

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