Sunday, March 16, 2008

Email Branding Tip to Increase Open Rates

This is a quick post on a great tip from Stefan Pollard in hist post: Use Brand-Recognition Elements to Combat Inbox Triage.

Stefan recommends putting your company name in the "view online" link at the top of your email. For example:

"BEFORE: If you can't see the images in this e-mail, please click here to view this e-mail through your Internet browser.

AFTER: If you can't see the images in your edition of Browning eBlast, please click here."

I liked this tip as it's easy to implement and should make a difference. Since this link is typically at the top of the email, it's one of the first things that people see when they receive your email.

The other interesting suggestion was to ensure that not only the email from "name" is branded but also the email alias []. For those companies that have an ESP (Email Service Provider) where you can specify this, you'll know what I mean (or you can read his article.

Chad H.

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