Monday, October 08, 2007

Your Reply To Email Should Allow Me to Reply!

I just wrote a post, went for my run and checked my email again. I realized that I have a ton of unopened email from MarketingVOX. I get daily emails from these guys which help me keep up on the latest but you know what, I can't keep up with it and it's mostly just too many details that I am not interested in. I gave up and I unsubscribed as I had no other choice.

I figured, hey, I'll take an extra minute and write them the following email:
"Daily emails are too much. Can you make it weekly and perhaps categorize some of this? I've unsubscribed - too much clutter."

I thought I was being nice here and providing some free advice. I did receive an immediate response from them but not the one I wanted:
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

I consider this to be BS and an email worst practice. If you have a reply to email address:
a. make it a real one
b. have real people checking it regularly for useful requests that come through

Hey MarketingVOX! I still want your emails - just make them weekly!

Chad H.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't fill you with confidence when the reply email is a bogus address does it. I suppose it does stop them getting a reverse flood of spam though

Chad said...

Thanks for the comment Steve. I guess you need to weigh the cost of keeping and acquiring my email address to dealing with spam. We'll see how it works out for them. I can tell you that I'm happy not to get my inbox full of their daily emails anymore.

Angela Natividad said...

Crap, I wish I'd seen this sooner.

Hi Chad, I'm the editor at MarketingVOX. Sorry about being all spam central. I'm working on getting the email sent to an actual box that gets checked.

Two weeks ago we launched something called the "Watershed Weekly," which is a weekly newsletter composed of the week's top stories from MediaBuyerPlanner, MarketingCharts and MarketingVOX.

If this is something you'd prefer, visit MarketingVOX and pop your email in the upper right-hand corner. In the window that follows, you'll have the option of specifying which newsletter you want.


Chad said...

Hi Angela - thanks for taking the time for posting your comment and listening to the blogosphere. I finally got around to subscribing as you suggested. Here's my issue - why did I need to first sign up for MarketingVox's Daily email again. Now I have to unsubscribe to this yet again (not that I don't like the content, I just don't want it or need it daily)!? :) This process should be easier if I just want the weekly email - just a suggestion!



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