Saturday, September 29, 2007

Looking for Ideas to Generate More Leads?

If your company is generating enough leads already, please stop reading right there.

Still here? There is an excellent FREE report from RainToday that has just been launched called: The One Piece Of Advice You Can't Generate Leads Without. It's full of great articles from the industry experts (not just a RainToday person writing a bunch of articles) such as Brian Carrol and the MarketingSherpa crew. It's an interesting read and while it may be like "child's reading" for the advanced B2B marketers, it's a nice refresher, keeps you focused, and may produce some new ideas that you can implement right away. Did I mention it was free? Nice work RainToday. Keep in mind it's also a blatant self-promotional tool for the contributing authors but don't let that bother you as they have some great stories to share.

Here are some highlights:
  • Suzanne Lowe includes some tactics on measuring the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts. For example, your call center or sales can track the number of engagements vs. the number of appointments.
  • Forrester provides a great example how a medical research services company is nurturing leads and has resulted in closing business with over 80% of the people that sign up for their trial.
One of the main themes from this paper was the need for some sort of lead nurturing effort. Besides the planning involved, it's crucial to ensure that both marketing and sales really understand the different parts of the program to maximize it's full effect.

Happy reading!

Chad H.

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