Thursday, May 03, 2007

Increase Attendence for Webinars and Webcasts

Here's two scenarios that you may have found yourself in:

1. Have you ever signed up for a webinar that your really wanted to go to but then when the day of the webinar came you said to yourself, "I don't have time for this ^&%#".

2. Have you ever created a webinar campaign that had a finally tuned list that was directed at a specific vertical, spent days getting the emails just right, deployed the emails on time, had a good amount of registrations but only had 2 people actually listen in?

How do you increase actual webinar attendance?

It's easy if you have a good topic and a well thought out campaign. This tip will help to ensure that those that registered will actually show up. Steve Girshik over at the The Innovative Marketer published a document I made for my clients that tells you how to create a Microsoft Outlook calendar item that webinar registrants can save into their own Outlook calendar. This ensures that they have booked off the appropriate time and don't skip off. It's only one page - it can't much easier.

As an added tip, why not engage registrants before the webinar by giving them a quick call and asking them what they expect from the webinar or have an automated telephone reminder? I've also had companies send me surveys prior to the webinar asking me what I feel is important in regards to the topic of the webinar and also provides some foreshadowing so I get excited about the webinar.

Hope this helps!



Anonymous said...

Good tip. Thanks. The document was nice. The sweet spot one thing people can do immediately and so you are good in my book.

Chad said...

Glad this helped Mukund and thanks for the comment. Chad



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