Monday, February 05, 2007

Feed Icons Library Part II for Blogs

I wanted to do a follow up post from my original Feed Icon Library post as there are so many new icons out there that you can add to your blog!

Be Original with Your Blog

Why use a different feed subscribe icon? Why not just use the regular orange feed icon that you typically see?
While it's easy to keep the standard icon (as it's recommended), why should you? Blogging is about being unique and as long as your blog feed icon resembles the similar look and feel of the regular orange icon people should who recognize the symbol won't have a problem subscribing to your blog. Blogging is all about being different so enjoy these icons below and make your blog stand out.

Thanks to all of the sites that have provided these icons.

Chad H.

PS - If you have some feed icons to add to the library, please let me know.


Tal Lewinger said...

Chad you make a good point. Making a visual impact is important. If one continues using the usual tags the reader's brain will likely ignore them. Changing the design of something you want a reader to notice is a good idea.

Chad said...

Thanks Tal - insightful as always

Anonymous said...

thanks a ton for the redesigned rss buttons!! i'm saving a few for future use! my big pink button is getting me just enough attention for no :) :)

Chad said...

Glad you liked it dontcuss



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