Thursday, April 06, 2006

Whose your daddy?

When I read B2B's article that claimed that Go Daddy's (a web domain company) recent success was due to their CEO's Blog, I thought it was BS becuase I think we all know about that famous 2005 Super Bowl commercial.

However, once I went to the blog, I realized that this guy does have something to say (unlike me) and it was an intersting read. He has this great article in which he vents his frsutrations about rising costs in his industry using a story about bisons in Montana

I have a story about a hockey team - no, make that a Jamaican Bobsled team - that everyone had such high hopes for after their long break. Well these Jamaican's just couldn't pull it together and will now miss the olympics yet again despite the great fan support from the Jamaican nation. Looks like the team will have to wait for next year yet again.



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