Saturday, April 29, 2006

Video Blogs - What the ()#%?

Just when I start to get a handle on the whole blog thing, they come up with video blogs. I never knwe they existsed. That means I must keep reading! It's interesting though as blogs are supposed to be more for the common person and the whol video things is a bit to "adsy" for me.

However, video is becoming more and more prevelant on the net. Here;s an article from MarketingProfs on how "Five-Second Video Ads Just Right for Online".

Another article about "Clickable Video" on ClickZ. Looks like it's coming to North America, but as I suspected, it's very slow for a number of reasons.

OK ok, I keep adding to this blog post as I'm finding some awesome video websites and I need to blog about them. Imedia just turned me on to this great website called "Friend of Bright" by Orbit. They use flash which is great at displaying video as it loads pretty quickly. Great use of integrated marketing by combining viral marketing, download ring tones, interactive games etc.. It's even reminding me as I write this blog to download the ringtone (it knows that I haven't done this). Very cool stuff - but expensive I'm sure!!

Have you had any success using video ads?

Chad H.

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