Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More Viral Campaigns

Marketing Sherpa put out another great article on viral campaigns. I suggest checking it out. If you're into marketing, get their weekly newsletter. Their tips are deadly (in a good way - just like "viral" campaigns).

We all know that before we can sell people on the great products and servies that we're offering, we need to get the word out. There's no better way to do that then to go door to door and bug the shit out of people so that you start to build brand awareness. Ok, maybe not (Listen, it was a hard day today). Of course with the more doors that you get slammed in your face, and punches to the gut and the more you realize that you're missing some good TV shows like the new episode on 24 (or heaven forbid the hockey game), it's best to look at other ways to get your name out there. Getting your customers to be your advocates is always a great idea but sometimes they need a kick in the ass so a viral campaign can help out.

I liked this one on the success of a whitepaper download (this one focused on how to create a press release). It goes to show you that when it comes down to it, your content is where it's at.

Another great one is "Send the talking monkey" email. Nothing better then telling a friend to f-off with a monkey. :) If you like that one, check out Cheerios sweet kareokee viral campaign called "Cheerioke". The technology will probably throw people but I liked singing Tiffany (appealed to my 80's fantasies).

I personally liked's promo the best. Mmmm... Beer!


PS: I love the Simpsons. Can you believe that the show is still on? Here's a good campaign: Product placement inside Simpson episodes! Name a famous celebrity that has NOT been on the Simpsons (I mean really famous people - not the Olsen twins).

Tags I can't believe I just tagged the Olsen Twins! Tagging is cool.

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