Monday, October 23, 2006

Where do Your Email Newsletters go? Email Heaven?

Does your company have an email newsletter? If you do, then you've decided that your company has something to say and is committed to producing high quality content that is valuable to your customers and potential customers. Typically this content is great stuff and includes tips, industry news, offers and other useful bits of information. What typically happens to these email newsletters after you hit the "send" button? If you've answered "they float out to email heaven" then you need to read this post.

For Heavens Sake Don't Waste Your Great Content

Your marketing team has worked hard on your email newsletter. They've come up with great headlines, well crafted content and loyal readers. Why would you waste this content once you send out the email? All of that great content could actually drive people to your website and generate new leads as people will be searching for content contained within your newsletters. Newsletters are full of search friendly keywords that people search for on a daily basis. Your newsletters should not only be used as awareness tools to keep current customers informed as well as nurture potential prospects. They can also play a central role in your SEO (search engine optimization) plan (If you don't have an SEO plan, start here). Your newsletters should contain your targeted keywords that support your overall SEO goals. Are you uploading a PDF version of your newsletter to your site? Think again - PDFs are not search friendly.

Consider Combining Email Newsletters and Blogs = A Blogletter

How can you take your email newsletters to the next level to maximize their SEO effectiveness? Why combine it with your email newsletter with your blog of course! Blogs are highly optimized for search engines as they are updated frequently and built with well formatted code. Consider publishing your newsletter articles to a blog. Blogs also allow web visitors to leave comments which even furthers the lead generation component of your email newsletter. In the end you have created a Blogletter! I hope these tips help you and if you have implemented something like this, please let me know!

Chad H.

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