Sunday, October 08, 2006

B2B Case Study: Integrated Marketing Works for Revivio

Trying to justify the costs of an expensive integrated marketing campaign in which you use multiple marketing channels to generate leads? Check out this article on BtoBOnline called: Revivio uses integrated e-mail campaign to boost lead generation.

Revivio sent multiple emails with the call to action being a sales meeting and the chance to receive a free stereo. Muliple emails that reinforced each other were backed up by direct mail and telephone calls. The campaign had a 60% response rate and most of it came from email because supposedly they "were short, concise and punchy" (according to Revivio). They used a combination of in-house and purchased lists. Revivio also concluded that they're work in establishing their brand through online and offline ads (eg:, paid search and newsletters aided the success of this campaign. The other interesting item is that the free stereo wasn't the winner - it was the persistent marketing effort from all different angles that typically won the prospect over.

Conclusion: Don't use a single marketing channel for a campaign - think integrated marketing and see better results.

Chad H.

PS - Hey Revivio - if you see this, I'll take a free stereo (Let's see how well Google works!).
PPS - While were at it Revivio (assuming that you happen on my wee little blog), why not add a blog to your marketing mix?

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