Sunday, September 10, 2006

Should my business blog be part of my site or on a new domian?

Mark White over at Better Business Blogging addresses the question: Business Blog: separate domain or on your website. His answer is the same that I found - it depends.

It seems that if you're looking at boosting the web traffic on your main site, your corporate blog should be an extension of your site (eg: However, if you're looking to change the focus of your main site, you may want to consider a blog with its own domain. For example, if your blog is focusing more on your industry then what your company does, you may want to appear as more of an "independent expert" or "trusted advisor". This is difficult to do but typically looks better when you don't paste your logo all over your blog.

I think this debate will continue for a while but thanks Mark for the great post!

Chad H.


Anonymous said...

Mark's post is a good one. A word of caution: whichever way you go, consider it for keeps. DON'T change your URL after launch.

We found out the hard way what a hit you'll take when you do so (we changed from to -- with existing links, Technorati, and a million pain-in-the-buttski other small details....

Chad said...

Sounds good - Your blog is a popular one so I wouldn't worry too much (I still received your feed). thx for the comment and advice Ann!



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