Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tips on How to Build Blog Traffic from the Problogger

Darren Rowse the ProbloggerHere's a great podcast found on Yaro Starak's Entrepeneur's Journey blog in which he interviews Darren Rowse of Problogger. The topic of this audio download is "Building Blog Traffic". I've summarized some of what was discussed minus Yaros' babbling.

To increase traffic on your blog, Darren stresses the use of SEO (but doesn't really elaborate it on it), posting innovative content (eg: a product release on his digital camera blog), staying ahead of the trends, and picking a niche or sub-niche topic. For example, you can blog about Adsense which is a sub-niche of Problogger.

In terms of social bookmarking, technology posts do well in Digg and Using lists (like a top 10 list) is something that works as well. When people do sign up for your blog or show interest in you blog, look after them and write for them.

Darren also suggests to write about items that incorporate keywords that are highly searched on (interesting because Hitail argues counter to this). He has also started an email newsletter by capturing email addresses. People forward his newsletters on to others and so on.

In the beginning, Darren used to comment on around 100 blogs a day! These people would come to his site and helped build up his brand. Darren also stresses keeping it real and writing with emotion.

Give it a listen and see if you get any more out of it.

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