Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm a SOB! I'm a SOB! (Successful and Outstanding Blog)

My blog won an award as a S.O.B. or Succesful and Outstanding Blog! I was just talking about handing out my own award (The AGM Award to Coke and Mentos) and I did a search on the ole' Technorati and there it was!! ME "Liz" Strauss from Successful Blog awarded me for my blog post "Blogs let the rest of us take back the night" in which I discussed some of the positives of blogging and the need for thw company worker bees to have their say on the corporate blog. Here is a tidbit from my post: with blogs "employees know that their CEO is not just drinking cocktails in the business lounge when they're stuck in an airport."

Liz Strauss writes:

This is a funny one!

That says it all. I will do my best to make Liz and all the other S.O.Bs proud. Thanks so much everyone for this award and for reading my blog.

Chad H.

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