Monday, July 24, 2006

Can you digg it?

As part of my goal to get "down" with the social networks, I thought I would sign up for the service Digg and even submit a few of my blog posts.

If you're not sure what Digg is all about, go check it out. It's a repository of informatuion in which you can submit articles and posts that you find. "Diggers" read these articles and rate them. If it's a good article it will get a higher rating. If it's not relevant or poorly written, it will get buried. Digg like the other social networking sites is another method that bloggers can use to get their story out there to the rest of the world and drive "trafog" (traffic on blogs - another Chad original word).

To back up how much this works, check out the webstats on my blog after I submitted a few stories to Digg (see image). This is backed up by looking at which sites provided the highest referrals and this was by far Digg.

So, if you're reading this post, please give me a hand and pull me up to the top of Digg!

Do you have any good Digg stories or other social network successes?

Chad H.

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