Wednesday, May 03, 2006

SEO made too simple

Danny Sullivan on Click Z has "redeemed" himself in my mind. After I cut him up in an earlier post (rightly deserved I say!) he has pointed out a few key things in his recent post:
  • He has 10 years in the search biz
  • He has outlined some simple SEO tips to keep in mind in a recent Click Z article.
  • He has a written a ton of crap on search.
Thanks for your simple SEO tips that I didn't know already. Maybe a 10 year old mght not know these tips. "Pick keywords" - realy?? I also liked your comment that "If your site fails to make the top 10 lists, get together with those that do." All I have to say is good luck with that. Why would a great website with awesome SEO want a 2 bit competitor to cut into its search rankings?? If you have all of that experience, give us something that we can sink our teeth into.

Chad H

PS - I didn't like that Clizk Z post BTW if you weren't sure.

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