Monday, May 08, 2006

Do you skip TV commercials? So does everybody

I would like to know who watches TV commercials anymore and if you do, why?? What is the point? They are a waste of time.

I myself am the master of the clicker. I have now self-proclaimed myself as "Click Master". When I watch TV, I want to ensure that I'm only watching "quality" TV and not another bud commercial or a car dealership cheap ass ad. I have a few channels on the go with a few in the case of an emergency when Bush is on TV. There's always the sports ticker thank goodnes.

I wanted to show you the latest on advertising trends that demonstrate that online adverting continues to rise while TV advertising is declining. As I think about it, as Bush becomes less popular, onlive advertising becomes more popular. Wait until Bush's next public TV address and you're going to see the internet usage and adverting spending go bezerk!

As reported on e-marketer, "Nielsen Media Research reported that while online advertising spending in the US rose by 23% in 2005, network TV spending fell by 1.5%."

Bottom line: Before you waste money on your next TV ad during some crappy show (Friends reruns on TBS come to mind), remember who your target audience are and what you are trying to accomplish. If you're looking at increasing your response rate and driving people to your website, will a TV or newspaper (while we're at it) do it for you? Will it?

Chad H.

PS - I may or may not have been talking about President George W. Bush of the US.
PPS - I was in NYC last weekend and loved it. Great people there.

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