Sunday, February 25, 2007

Worried About Email Deliverability and Being Blacklisted?

Stefan Pollard over at EmailLabs continues to write great articles on email marketing. In his recent article over at ClickZ called Get Over Being Blocked, he outlines how you can check if your IP address that your emails are being sent from has been blacklisted and how you can get yourself "clean". Your email provider will let you know what your IP address is if you don't know it or check out these IP look-up services: SURBL and DNSstuff.

Not sure if you have been blacklisted? You can check out the following: Blacklist Monitor, Return Path's Sender Score, and Habeas' RepCheck. Some of the blacklists are small and don't really matter. Stefan states that you should be concerned if you find yourself on any of the following lists: Spamhaus, SURBL, or SpamCop. The important item to keep in mind is to find why you are being blocked and to cut out whatever is causing it.

Chad H.

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